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You have received this most urgent invitation to Everspring at the behest of your sovereign Queen. The Vernal Equinox is upon us and a delegation of the worthy is to be sent for peace talks in The Green Lands of Spring and you have been selected for this most honorable of tasks. Should you fail in your duties to secure a peaceful exchange of power between The Seelie and Unseelie you will be executed, so take care what words and deeds you use to persuade our breathren and ensure you represent the throne with the utmost respect and dignity--and as always, adhere to the Rites of Hospitality and Decorum or risk the loss of land and title.

As always,

Your Queen

The (Un)Seelie is a game of backstabbing Fae politics in The Green Lands of Spring as The Summer (Seelie) Fae Court and The Winter (Unseelie) Fae Court engage in peace talks for the annual power exchange. It's up to you--as the Delegation for either court--to negotiation a peaceful exchange of power by whatever means necessary. Can you find a balance between your own agendas and the goals of your Delegation? Can you broker this peace or will you be sentenced to death? Whatever happens, the consequences fall to you but don't get caught breaking The Rites of Hospitality and Decorum or you risk it all!

The (Un)Seelie uses a unique system that requires a full d20 set of dice to resolve actions. Players assign die types to their Stats and Skills and choose how they want to use each of their skills in combination with their Stats to achieve the intended result. Want to convince someone to do what you want without resorting to Provoking them to fear you? Why not use your Might and Sway to forcefully persuade them to do what you ask?

CategoryPhysical game
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GenreRole Playing
Tagsfae, faerie, Fairy Tale, Fantasy, LGBTQIA, Minimalist, politics, Queer, Tabletop


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I didn't buy the game but may i ask why is the game a pdf? :O

It's a ttrpg.

O cool